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Track Your Workforce With Ease.

Empower your franchise with WorkedN, a revolutionary SaaS solution meticulously crafted to streamline workforce management. Track employee performance effortlessly and optimize operations for unparalleled efficiency and success.


How WorkedN Works?


Streamlining Device Setup

System simplifies device setup, seamlessly integrates with workplace. Employees easily clock in/out, enhancing attendance management accuracy and efficiency.


Cloud-Based Face Registration

Streamlined employee face registration in-app, connected to cloud. Real-time sync, flexibility across devices and locations.


Flexible Clock-In/Out

Employees clock in/out based on schedules or non-schedules. Accountability, compliance. Seamless backend integration for manager oversight.


Instant Alerts

System alerts managers for overclocking or unauthorized clocking. Proactive adherence to company policies, fostering accountability.

Why WorkedN?

WORKEDN Time Attendance System efficiently manages employee attendance, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Features real-time clocking, scheduling, and automation for streamlined workforce management.


Workforce Management Suite.

Discover the powerful features of WorkedN, designed to streamline workforce management for your franchise. From effortless scheduling to real-time monitoring, WorkedN empowers you to optimize operations and drive success.

Franchise Management

Streamline oversight of multiple franchise locations. Monitor performance, enforce standardized procedures for consistency and efficiency.

Secure Recognition

Securely register facial biometrics for accurate clock-in/out. Eliminate buddy punching, ensuring integrity of attendance records.

Employee Tracking

Conveniently capture work hours for accurate attendance. Real-time visibility for efficient workforce management and labor cost tracking.

Manager Alerts

Instant alerts for irregularities in clocking. Prompt approval or addressing ensures policy and regulation compliance.

Clock Adjustments

Easily review and adjust clock records. Generate detailed attendance reports for trend analysis and informed decision-making.

Screens WorkedN App

Experience seamless workforce management on the go with our intuitive mobile application.

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