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Unlock Productivity with Work+ App Suite

Discover the power of productivity with the Work+ App Suite. Elevate your workflow with a comprehensive suite of apps designed to streamline tasks, organize action plans, and enhance collaboration. Experience efficiency like never before with Thumbs, Action Plan, Redbook, Work Order, and Do List apps.


Meet Work+

Your go-to app for efficient work management. Organize tasks, track inventory, manage work orders, and create action plans—all in one place. Stay connected and productive with Work+.

Red Book

Your digital assistant to monitor food safety compliance, and streamline communication—all in one convenient app. Stay ahead with real-time updates and seamless collaboration.


Work Order

Elevate your restaurant's efficiency with our mobile app's intuitive work order feature. Streamline task delegation, track progress, and ensure seamless operations with ease. From kitchen prep to maintenance, empower your team to excel with clear directives at their fingertips.


Action Plan

Drive your restaurant's success with our mobile app's action plan feature. Strategize, execute, and achieve your business goals with precision. From boosting customer satisfaction to optimizing operations, our app empowers you to take decisive action for success.


Do List

Maximize restaurant efficiency with our app's do list feature. Easily manage tasks, delegate responsibilities, and ensure smooth operations—all in one place.



Enhance motivation and recognize hard work with ThumbsApp, the rewarding system designed for fast-food workers and franchises. Encourage excellence and foster a positive work environment with a seamless, easy-to-use platform that celebrates your team's achievements.



Empower your team to address and resolve issues effectively with the Complaints App. Designed for fast-food franchises, this app allows users to easily submit and manage complaints, ensuring prompt responses and continuous improvement in service quality.